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Buy Xapo is a company that offers various cryptocurrency offerings, inclusive of a digital pockets and a debit card that lets in users to spend their cryptocurrencies within the real world. However, as of my closing update in September 2021, Xapo does no longer operate as a conventional financial institution.


The Xapo Bank app is the first of its kind. We’re bringing you the best of both worlds by uniting the stability of traditional banking with a seamless

Why bank with Xapo?

This Product

  • Deposit and withdraw funds seamlessly

  • Buy, manage, and store Bitcoin

Buy Xapo Bank

  • Get paid and pay others globally

  • Protect your savings in BTC and USD

  • Earn cashback when you use your Xapo Card

  • Fiat funds protected up to €100,000 by Gibraltar’s Deposit Guarantee Scheme


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