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Money Robot is a pinnacle-satisfactory linking software that generates super links from authoritative websites with first-rate metrics. It is likewise the best blog creator software program that may be used to construct and control an infinite quantity of blogs, which makes it ideal for walking the maximum large of search engine marketing campaigns.


Before I start to discuss how you can make use of a money robotic, permit’s first speak the fee associated with it. There are pricing alternatives to pick from. The first is a month-long subscription that costs $67 and the alternative one is an unmarried purchase of $497. In the quit, it is the satisfactory choice since you’ll have the device for as long as you need. After reading this text If you’re no longer positive about whether this device is suitable for you, I’d suggest attempting it first by paying a monthly cost.

Money Robot additionally comes with the option of an unfastened trial for 7 days that I advocate all and sundry use to benefit from a few fingers-on information of the tool before shopping for any product.

Buy Money Robot Submitter


Before you begin working with Money Robot you want to make sure that you have the appropriate proxy servers in location. The tool comes with default ones that you can utilize, but for better effects, I’d recommend the usage of one of your very own precise ones with a purpose to improve the speed that Money Robot will paintings and the volume of content material it will create for you.

To add proxy servers, go in the direction of the S Ettings section within the upper right which opens an extra window wherein you will be able to choose from the Proxy tab.

In this segment, you can include any private proxy that you personally. If you don’t have any, there are many places you can acquire those. I propose attempting buyproxies.Org. It is feasible to stick them here inside the following layout

Check the field that reads ‘Use my proxy listing’ previous to saving your proxy lists.

Another factor to ensure you have is a captcha breaker.

While Money Robot is growing debts and filing articles, it’ll come across captcha paperwork. You can carry out those manually, but how lengthy it’s going to take may take many hours which can be changed with the proper software. This is the device Money Robot recommends, I use a GSA captcha breaker, however, all of them will suffice.

Once you’ve been given all of your proxies and captcha breakers established, it’s time to build your marketing campaign.

Creating a Campaign

After you’ve bought Money Robot the installation method in all fairness easy. Once you’re done, you may open this system and the first aspect to do is to build your marketing campaign.

Above is a photograph of the setup window in which you input the following records:

  • Target URLs (Money websites)
  • Keywords you’d want to get to the top of the listing for
  • The article’s name
  • The content of the thing

The article phase is vital to achieving success in a marketing campaign. You’ll need to jot down numerous articles and save them to the correct folder. Now while you arrive at this phase, you must pick out the choice that says “load the articles into the folder’. This helps you to publish numerous articles on the way to save you any duplication.

On the right-hand side, you’ll additionally find a photograph that shows the approach to your marketing campaign. Selecting that drop-down above lets you select the strategy you’d want to employ consistent with how aggressive it’s miles.

These are sincere examples of what Money Robot came up with to start with. You can upload or cast off items once you’ve got made it stay.

As you can see, your money website is located in the middle of all the different link kinds that surround it, consisting of net 2.0s in addition to social stocks, bookmarks, and many others. It is also well-known how the marketing campaign is tied, and from the above image, you may see that social stocks and social likes are directed to the website for cash, and numerous net 2.0 profiles factor into blogs, which in turn point to the money website.

When you’re happy with the campaigns, it’s time to release them. If you’re accomplishing a surprisingly popular marketing campaign, then I’d endorse spreading out the submission over a length of days. There isn’t a definitive answer here, but you should permit Money Robot to gradually develop hyperlinks in your website online to ensure that you don’t get penalized.

After the challenge has been in progress, Money Robot will begin making Net 2.0 and Internet 2. O debts so one can comply with your website online and like it. If you’re engaging in a marketing campaign that has tasks that require writing, it will be using the articles you’ve saved within the folder.

It is likewise viable to create a new task in the campaign by clicking the “New Task button.

From right here, you may begin those duties with the aid of entering each setting as you circulate.

There are several additional tabs for money robots, with an additional feature:

My Accounts You can get entry to all the money owed you’ve made, and you may view get entry to the URLs, in addition to the logins in addition to passwords.

Buy Money Robot Submitter

Social You can manually input your social media profiles. Money Robot will give you day-by-day social stocks and stocks from their confirmed and depended-on accounts. All you need to do is type your social profile URLs.

Video Similar to the social feature where you enter your YouTube video URLs. Money Robot will provide you with real-time views and likes on an ongoing basis.

Traffic The traffic tab will permit you to get actual-time seek engine site visitors on your websites. All you need to do is to input the URLs, and Money Robot does the rest.


Money Robot is one of the only gear available to build hyperlinks. I wouldn’t recommend that you depend on software to address all your backlinking. However, when you need that little extra on your websites, Money Robot is an exceptional solution. It is a device that does precisely what it says. It comes with a simple interface so that it will make a high-quality hyperlink-building template to alter and plenty of the paintings are achieved by using the tool. It comes with an initial trial length, I’d strongly advise that everyone deliver this application to try. There are many options available that at a minimum, will aid the effectiveness of your SEO marketing campaign.

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